What is Parent Participation?


What does “parent participation” really mean?  Being part of a PPP means being part of a local community of families who want to be actively involved in their children’s early social and educational experiences. Helping at the school, you’ll meet other parents, get to know the other children, and best of all, be directly involved in the early education of your child.

There are four components to your involvement in the preschool:

  • Approximately once every two to three weeks, you will participate in a “duty day” at the preschool, assisting our teacher during class times. Being a duty parent is a great way to observe your own and other children at play. Parents and children look forward to spending time together at school on these special days. There are additional time requirements such as “orientation” prior to your first duty day to ensure each parent is ready.
  • Every month you’ll participate in a Parent Education meeting.  These feature speakers on a variety of topics such as dealing with discipline, healthy eating and developing a positive sense of self. These free sessions will provide you with an opportunity to learn about parenting and your children without having to open a book!  We also learn from each other through open discussion.  In addition, each meeting has a “General Meeting” component to discuss administrative matters in running the school.  There’s time for socializing too.
  • All families are required to participate in the school’s Fall Fair. This fun filled event captures all our fundraising efforts for the year so that the rest of the year can be enjoyed without the pressure of constant fundraising.
  • Each family is assigned a specific job to help keep the school operating smoothly and to maintain the preschool and playground. Many jobs can be done on your own time, while others include committee work. From maintenance to administration, your involvement will be a rewarding experience.

The parent participation preschool is a non profit organization operated by the parents of the preschool children. It offers educational and creative play activities for the children and a learning, interactive experience for the parents. Our school is one of approximately 70 parent participation schools in the province that operates under the guidance of the Council of Parent Participation Preschools of B.C. By association, each family with a membership in our school is also a member of this Council. The Council serves as a regulatory body which interprets government policy for parent participation preschools, and provides guidelines for preschool operation. The Council, through its branch organization, provides a newsletter, portfolios, low cost insurance, workshops, consultants and other services. The Deep Cove PPP belongs to the North Shore Branch.

A Parent Participation Preschool is one:

  • which was founded by parents and is maintained by parents.
  • that employs a fully qualified and licensed preschool teacher.
  • in which the parents are able to make decisions about the operation of their child’s preschool.
  • in which the parents participate directly in the administration and operation of the preschool.
  • in which the parents are able to act as an assistant in the classroom once or twice per month and to observe their child and to share in their child’s school day.
  • which provides parents with opportunities to increase their parenting skills by;
    • observing the teacher relating to the children in the classroom.
    • attending free monthly parenting seminars at the monthly meetings.
    • sharing information and experiences about child rearing with other like-minded parents.
  • which maintain a higher than required adult to child ratio;
  • in which a creative learning environment is provided for both children and parents.
  • which is a non-profit organization and may be a registered charity.
  • which follows both Provincial Licensing regulations and the Council of Parent Participation Preschools regulations.