Our School


Once you visit our school, you’ll see that every aspect of the school’s design encourages active play, adventure and exploration.



Indoors is a spacious new classroom updated in 2010 with many creative play areas. They include a two-story house filled with furniture, kitchen utensils, and food. A multitude of puzzles, books, and art supplies are also available, as are a variety of musical instruments, tools, and a well stocked block and wooden toy area. Children can choose their play activities, gravitating towards play-dough, the daily art project, paint easels, the sandbox, an abundant dress-up area, the water table, or a comfortable library space.


We have a brand new playground as of Sept 2014! It’s a beautiful space with lots of room for the kids to engage in creative free play. Our pond-less water feature, installed in 2012, is the highlight of our outdoor area! Children create, explore, plan and investigate from the time it is turned on until they leave for the day. Our water feature is surrounded by a playground and garden area which combines the natural surroundings with age-appropriate equipment. It includes an bridge, wooden structures child-level sinks, a bicycle/scooter track, a digger, and plenty of toys to help stimulate outside play and physical activity. Preschool children go outdoors on a daily basis throughout the year.  Running, climbing, riding, and other physical activities are considered essential components of every preschool child’s physical, intellectual, emotive, and social development.