About Our Program


The Deep Cove Parent Participation Preschool offers a play-based learning environment. Through play, children’s physical, emotional and social skills are developed. Preschool years are among the most formative in a child’s life. In these crucial years, children learn through play. It is their work.

The program is designed to enhance children’s areas of strength, and to then encourage them to acquire new knowledge and understanding. Adults in the classroom will strive to provide the children with an environment that supports and challenges their cognitive, social, physical and emotional skills. Keeping the program child focused and child directed makes it their place.  A place where the adults are facilitators in the child’s world.

Exploration, creative play, and social skills are acquired through unstructured play time.  Children participate in daily circle time, with a focus on reading, music, and drama.

Throughout the year, our preschool plans various field trips and social events. These can include a visit to the pumpkin patch, a teddy bear picnic, pajama day, sojourns into the local community, and a trip to the ecology centre.

The overall program goal is to provide children with a stimulating, supportive environment that enables them to develop a strong sense of self esteem and self.